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6 Tips For Small Business Website Design

October 28, 2023

When a potential customer opens your website, you have a narrow window to impress and hook them. A cluttered, unusable website will only turn people away. The way you design your website, and especially your landing page, will help ensure your website has high retention which then translates into more sales. We understand that not every small business has the background or budget for a high-end website, however, with our below tips and tricks, anyone can turn their website into one that captures attention. Apply a few of the below and see the results for yourself!

Tip 1: Ensuring Your Fonts are Reader Friendly

Browsing through a front library, it’s easy to be swayed by the allure of curvy scripts and the lines of italic typefaces, however, there is more to a font than simply how it looks. Take a step back and assess your website as a whole – are your fonts easy to read? How well do they stand out against photographs and other backgrounds? Do your fonts align with your brand?

Be sure that your fonts read well on desktop and mobile, size up and down well and create the right feel. A good and free resource for choosing and assessing fonts is Google Fonts!

Tip 2: Choose a Colour Theme and Stick to It

The power of brand colours can sometimes be overlooked and undervalued. However, if you can create a colour association with your brand that continues onto your website, you are only solidifying your business in the minds of customers. Let’s do a little test – what company comes to mind when you think of yellow and red? McDonald’s. Purple? Cadbury.

By choosing a limited colour scheme and using it throughout your website, not only do you create a comprehensive website design, but you also build a brand image. Create a website that is aesthetic, easy to look at and solidifies your own colour palette in the world of business.

Tip 3: Ensure You Use Only High-Quality Photos

If you are selling products online, photos are your best tool to help them visualise what you offer. High-quality, detailed images help to show them what they’re buying. Photos that show your products up close, being used, and placed in the home will help grab attention. If you create a variety of images that allow your customers to imagine using your product, you’re on the right track to ensuring they finalise their order.

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Tip 4: Create a Call to Action, and Highlight It with Intention

A beautiful website is one thing, but without a call to action, users may be unsure where to go or how to proceed. A call to action is especially vital for those who want to sell a product or service. Think of it as a main quest you send your customers on – with hints and tips along the way to get them to the end goal of purchasing a product.

Simply visit some of your favourite websites and take a look at the kind of simple sentences or prompts you see as soon as the website launches.

Tip 5: Keep your Navigation Simple

If you have a clean and simple menu, you make it easier for anyone using your website to find what they need quickly without confusion. Imagine walking into a store, and instead of aisles with clear-to-read signs, there are shelves scattered randomly, food items mixed with clothing items, and things are thrown about with no order. That is what it feels like to use a website with no navigation, or poor navigation.

Test your website on people with varying web experience, and ensure that your menu is easy to find and use.

Tip 6: Avoid Clutter

As a general rule, clutter only overwhelms any visitors who may be viewing your website. If you have too many pop-ups, too many images or options you will confuse them and distract them from what you really want. Keep it simple and secure those sales.

Website Design for Small Business with Immerse Marketing

If you want to level up your website, but you’re unsure how to best implement the above tips, then the team at Immerse Marketing can help. Not only are we a Melbourne-based team, but we also understand the online customer experience like no other. Beyond the world of endless scrolling and adding to cart there is a team of people curating the perfect website, social media feed and advertisement – and we are some of those people.

Let us help you create a brand identity to blow the socks off your customers, and secure yourself within your industry. Your perfect website is only one click away.

Start Your Digital Journey Today.

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