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How Does An Old Website Design Negatively Affect Your Business

How Does An Old Website Design Negatively Affect Your Business

Your website is more than just information stored online. Oh no. Your website is your biggest brand cheerleader, it’s your 24/7 storefront; it knows everything about your business; and it is available every single day. Even Christmas.

And it is because of these things that keeping your website updated is so important. If you have an outdated or old website design that is gathering virtual cobwebs, it could be hurting you more than you think. Web design plays a crucial role in building positive customer relationships, and taking “oh I love that” moments and turning them into “can’t wait for my order to arrive” moments.

First impressions are everything in the online world, especially for eCommerce stores. Your conversion rates are a direct result of the usability and design of your website, and an old website design can mean low conversion rates.

Want to turn those conversion rates upside down? Read on for more information about how an old website design can negatively affect your business, or jump over to the Immerse Marketing website and get in contact with us about our website design services! Let’s dust away those virtual cobwebs and start anew with a brand new, custom made website built with your business and customers in mind.

How an Outdated Website Design Negatively Affects Your Business

You want your website to attract visitors, not repel them. Put down the bug spray, and consider your website’s design and functionality. With online trends constantly changing, and changing more rapidly every year, a once-state-of-the art website design now screams, “I haven’t been updated in 7 years“. This can be a real deterrent for visitors to your website, as it can oftentimes give the impression your business, and maybe even your products and services, are dated and keeping up with trends is not a priority. There are major benefits to being new, to being a trendsetter, and creating an online experience to reflect these things will help boost engagement, increase time spent on your website and help boost conversion rates.

No matter if you have a super minimalist modern vibe, or a groovy, vintage vibe, your website should always be updated to reflect these themes in a way that is intentional. Generally, we recommend websites are updated, both in their functionality and their design, every 3 or so years. Websites should never go more than 5 years without a redesign.

Give Customers Visiting your Website a Helping Hand

So, you’re considering the fact that your website needs a little bit of a refresher. Think of the wow moment customers will have when they click into your website, and see a sparkling new website design. With contemporary UI, fast loading photos and videos, a consistent colour palette and modern design elements, there is nothing not to love. That new website feeling is one of our absolute favourites, and helping businesses pour themselves into a website design and ultimately see all their hard work reflected back at them is incredibly rewarding.

One of the best updates you can make to your old website design is to modernise, and simplify, your navigation system. Ensuring that your customers can easily locate products, search for specific items or categories, find, edit, and check out their carts will increase conversion rates and will help you build a positive reputation. Just think, not only is your website the best looking in the business but it is also the easiest and most fun to use! Usability is especially important for customer bases who have less online literacy and experience.

Another thing to consider is the reality that a large portion of your website visitors are going to be viewing your website on a mobile device, tablet or other uniquely shaped screen. Does your old website design cater to these different screen sizes? If not, then it is definitely time for an update. The user experience for mobile devices is now also one of the ways Google ranks websites, so mobile-friendly websites are non-negotiable. Unsure how to make your website mobile responsive? Contact Immerse Marketing and our talented team of website designers will help transform your desktop focused website into a mobile-friendly marvel!

Why Slow Loading Times are Hurting Your Business

There is almost nothing more frustrating than clicking into a new website, and watching the images and information load at what feels like a snail’s pace. The early bird gets the worm and the fastest website gets the sale. In today’s world, a slow loading website becomes a closed tab and potential sales become missed opportunities. By updating your website, you can increase performance and control things like image size to ensure everything loads quickly.

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Building a Modern, Functional, Customer Focus Website with Immerse Marketing

While no one can see the future, the web design team at Immerse Marketing have a pretty good idea where it’s headed. Our team is here to help build you a website that is fast, modern, and functional – a website that will wow your users, and be a breeze to navigate. Old website designs are a major hindrance, and it is time to take the next step into the future of website design.

Contact us today to get started on your new website journey, or visit our website to see examples of our previous website design work!

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