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Top 3 Mistakes For B2B SEO

The buying patterns and behaviours of businesses are changing. From the way consumers purchase products and interact with services to the buying habits of businesses themselves, the businesses that provide said services and products are simply having to adapt and evolve. With this new swell in digital marketing opportunities, shopping and online content, there are some essential things B2B companies must do to keep up and grow their customer base. As a B2B company, you need to ask yourself: Are you ready to adapt and evolve to the needs of current and emerging B2B SEO strategies?

Your SEO oversights could be costing you, and we want to help. Keep reading for our breakdown of the top 3 most common mistakes that B2B businesses make with their SEO strategies and overall marketing approach. Improving your approach to SEO, paid acquisition and marketing methods will help to ensure you avoid making any of the below mistakes and grow your businesses while keeping CPL low.

Not Conducting Thorough Keyword Research

The main goal of your SEO plan is to attract the relevant audience for your business and to do so organically. Keyword strategy’s job is to effectively attract your audience and then funnel this traffic to your website, therefore converting this traffic into leads. If you don’t complete the right keyword research, you are building an SEO empire with no foundations. (Spoiler: this empire will collapse without a solid foundation.) To create a strong and effective B2B presence, you need SEO that works for you, not against you. And this is dependent on using the right keywords in the right way to align with your buyers’ searches, goals and online experience.

If you neglect your keyword research, you will miss out on leads and opportunities. While it may be tempting to use hyper-specific and industry-focused language, you need to consider what your broader audience is searching for. Your potential customers may not have the same level of understanding or are simply searching for more general services than the specific keywords you have used. While you do need to use industry terminology, it is important to find a balance between reaching wider audiences with language that is appropriate and SEO friendly and ensuring that the language you use shows your experience and expertise.

An effective keyword research phase involves analysing the questions and sentences your audience will be searching to find your services. Be sure to consider that incredibly popular questions will produce highly saturated results, so more specific phrases and keywords will oftentimes produce better results due to their lower competition.

Relying Too Heavily on Paid Advertising to Gain Clients and Customers

While it may seem like a quick and efficient solution, you can quickly build a reliance on all avenues of paid acquisition to find leads. This is an incredibly slippery slope that may see immediate results in the short term but will end up costing you more in the long term.

Let us explain.

Most B2B organisations track their cost per click (CPC) and cost per lead (CPL) to calculate how much is being spent per click or lead in relation to their marketing budget. For example, if you’re running a new digital marketing campaign on Facebook or Instagram, then you would want to understand how many clicks were generated and how much each click cost in relation to the cost of the entire paid advertisement.

It can become addicting to get these clicks and leads through paid acquisition avenues, but there is a downside.

Some paid marketing, like Google Ads, is auction-based and will only continue to increase in price over time. This cost to you keeps increasing; however, your results are not guaranteed, and you may end up paying double or triple per lead over time. To ensure effective and price-effective Google Ads results, reach out to an experienced digital agency like Immerse Marketing. Our team will get your B2B business the best results on Google Ads without breaking the bank.

It is impossible to control return on investment (ROI) when you cannot control or predict your competitors. What may work for you now, within budget with good CPC, may suddenly become a flooded market where the cost to you increases rapidly as more and more businesses are competing to hook their target audience – other businesses. The market can quickly become flooded, and your SEO and paid marketing can slowly become irrelevant and outbid by advertisers with a larger marketing budget taking up the prime digital ad real estate. Building up your SEO foundation is the best way to find audiences, even if in the beginning it may feel like a slow burn. Well-researched SEO only becomes more effective over time, whereas paid ads will only be sustainable for so long if they are your main or only marketing strategy.

Using Outdated, Mass-Media to try and Reach Your Audience

Letting go of the past can be hard, but it is time to let your love of traditional media advertising go. Good-bye TV-only marketing, see you later, radio ads that eat up our entire budget.

B2B marketing has evolved, and business owners looking to buy your products or services want to feel like your advertising is made for them, and for them specifically. Wider customer behaviour has shifted, and while there can still sometimes be reason to use traditional appeals on our TVs or radios, more often than not, a primary motivator for customers is when they feel they are the focus of your entire campaign – and in reality, they are.

Create your very own client-focused marketing strategy with the magic of blogs and social media.

Firstly, blogs are a fantastic way to answer potential buyers questions, reach new audiences and maximise SEO. Blogs provide free information that helps your audience and brings traffic to your website. We highly recommend including a call to action to make your blogs work both harder and smarter. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool. A witty social media post promoting your blog is a great start, but your socials have major potential beyond this. Hashtags and keywords work well on all social media platforms, and if you include clear links to your website, it’s an effective way to generate leads.

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How to Balance Short-Term Results with a Long Lasting, Scalable Strategy

You deserve to have your pie and eat it too, and with SEO, each marketing avenue is one delicious slice waiting to be consumed. Before we all get too hungry with all these pie references, let me explain how you can balance getting immediate results with creating a scalable, long term marketing and SEO strategy.

Firstly, you want your main focus initially to be growing your organic reach and SEO rankings by implementing new and improved keyword strategies. This step will help build up your foundation, increase website traffic and help your business grow; making your long-term goals easier to achieve.

Create long-term goals that are in alignment with your short-term SEO goals. B2Bs have to face the unique challenges of their industry alongside an online world that is constantly growing and moving. By keeping up to date with what SEO strategies are most effective on each platform you use, you can ensure your content is highly ranked and getting as many hits as possible as trends change.

Your marketing strategy should include content across multiple platforms, each making the most of the SEO and keyword research you’ve completed while also building up a consistent and effective brand image. Add value to your content, and make it something people simply can’t miss, to establish your brand and create valuable relationships. This will bring in leads and drive sales in the right direction – upwards.

Work with a Digital Marketing Agency who Understands B2B Like No Other

The fantastical and sometimes confusing world of digital marketing is full of limitless potential for your B2B company. The team at Immerse Marketing understands the world of SEO and keywords, paid acquisitions and modern digital solutions like no other. Our strategies are catered to your needs while always being one step ahead of the curve. If you want to improve your SEO ranking and reach your target audience, reach out to our team and start working towards new goals with the full support of our expert marketing team.

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