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Top 6 Questions About Ecommerce Website Design Answered

Top 6 Questions About Ecommerce Website Design Answered

Running an Ecommerce business is no easy feat. From managing inventory and packing orders to designing products and advertising, all Ecommerce business owners know there are never enough hours in the day! This is where a professional Ecommerce website designer comes into the picture. A purposefully designed Ecommerce website will help you hook in customers, in turn driving more traffic to your website and securing you more sales.

But what exactly is different about an Ecommerce website and why is it important to design your website with your business model in mind? These questions and more are answered below in our top 6 questions about Ecommerce Website Design – Answered! If you have any more questions about Ecommerce Website Design send them our way via our website or socials and we will answer them for you!

What is an Ecommerce Website and What Makes it Different in Terms of Design?

An Ecommerce website is a website whose primary function is to be an online store. In short, if you sell products online using a website, you have an Ecommerce store. An Ecommerce website will have a cart, a check-out page, and a way to process payments. Your favourite online clothing store? Your favourite online pick-and-mix candy shop? The company that makes those adorable custom bags and ships them globally? You guessed it – all their websites are Ecommerce stores.

How does this differ from a more generic website, you ask? Great question. If a website is not designed to be an Ecommerce website, then its design will most likely have a few other focuses. For example, if you provide a service, then your website would be heavily information based, with easy access to FAQs and a way to enquire about quotes and other information. It would be uncommon to have services you can add to your cart right away, as for many service-based industries, there isn’t a one price fits all solution. These websites are designed to suit the needs and model of their particular business, just as Ecommerce websites are designed around selling and promoting products.

What Essential Elements are Necessary to Design a Successful Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce website design is something that takes time, and a lot of learning, to master. However, there are a few secrets we can share with you about the elements of successful Ecommerce website design that really make a difference to your online store.

Firstly, there is no denying that the Ecommerce industry is highly competitive. New online stores are constantly being created, so to stand out and retain customers, your website needs to prioritise a few things. Firstly, the user experience. An easy-to-use website will see more orders make it to check-out than a difficult or frustrating website that doesn’t have a clear navigation system, an easy-to-find and understand cart, or clear descriptions of products.

Secondly, you should always be updating your website. This means updated product information, stock, and photographs, but also updated design. An Ecommerce website design that lends itself to being modern and timeless will help with this, and our talented team at Immerse Marketing is here to create your perfect Ecommerce website! Visit our website and see the wide range of websites we have designed.

Lastly, using a payment processing option that is trusted will make a massive difference for customers at checkout. You want anyone using your website to feel comfortable and know that their payment information is protected.

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Will my Ecommerce website need consistent maintenance?

Once your Ecommerce website is set up and ready to rumble, there will be little maintenance outside of content updates. However, we do highly recommend checking your website weekly, if not multiple times a week, to ensure that no links are broken, that product and stock information is displaying correctly and so on. Keeping ahead of the curve means keeping an eye on your website, and not allowing a broken webpage to lose you sales.

What Platforms are best for hosting my ecommerce website?

There have never been more options for website hosting platforms than right now. With a seemingly endless amount of website platforms to choose from, it can be hard to differentiate the good from the bad. At Immerse Marketing, we want to ensure that the Ecommerce platform you choose is best for you. Chat with us today, and we can work together to figure out which platform suits your business needs and goals!

How do I know if my Ecommerce website is doing well?

Outside of checking the number of orders coming in, there are a number of ways to measure the success of your Ecommerce website. Our personal favourite is Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you can review information and insights on where traffic is coming from, how long users spend on your page on average, and a whole lot more! Certain Ecommerce platforms also provide extra information, such as buying patterns.

Why Is Choosing a Web Designer who understands Ecommerce Website Design Essential to build your business?

When you work with an experienced Ecommerce website designer, you can guarantee that your website will be built from the ground up with your personal Ecommerce needs in mind. From SEO, to purposeful and intentional UI, the web design team at Immerse knows all the ins and outs of good Ecommerce website design.

Check out our website and get in contact with us today to start designing your new Ecommerce website!

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