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Top 6 Reasons You Need Website Redesign

Top 6 Reasons You Need Website Redesign

It has quickly become common knowledge that your website is your most important online point of contact. Customers from around the world will click into your site, and you have only a few seconds to hook them. Having a website that is user-focused, visually appealing and easy to use will help you generate more sales or more clients, and encourage anyone on your site to click more, buy more and spend an average higher time enjoying your online creation.

Your website is open and available 24/7, just like any good convenient store when you’re in need of a 3am snack, and it is important that it functions correctly day and night without your constant monitoring. A website redesign may seem daunting, but in reality when you work with a digital agency like Immerse Marketing they make redesigning your website a breeze.

Stop losing customers and start securing sales with a newly refreshed, redesigned website! Read on for our top reasons why your website probably needs a redesign, and why redesigning your website is so important.

Top 6 Reasons You Need a Website Redesign for your Business

How do you know that now is the right time for a redesign of your website? If you meet any of the below criteria, then we highly recommend reaching out to a digital agency such as Immerse for their expert opinion on whether or not you need a new website!

Reason 1: Your Website Looks Outdated

Trends for online stores and webpages are constantly changing. What may have been all the rage just years ago, is now a tell-tale sign that you haven’t recently updated your website, or that you are unable to keep up with what is new and stylish. When you are competing with other companies it is important to stand out, and show that you not only care about their user experience but also that your website is modern, fun to use and looks good. The most common reason for a redesign is to modernise, and this is for good reason. Showcase your business flare, and maintain a website that is on trend, by redesigning your website with Immerse Marketing.

Reason 2: Your Website is Difficult to Navigate and has Accessibility Issues

There is almost nothing more frustrating than a menu that you cannot find, won’t stay open when you’re browsing the options, or pages and links that seemingly don’t exist! And don’t get me started on search bars that can never find your desired products.

Understanding what makes websites functional and accessible, such as good colour contrast and alternative text for screen readers, puts you leagues ahead of any competitors and creates a usable website for all consumers and customers. This is inclusive of a website that makes it easy to find products and use the provided navigational tools.

Reason 3: Your Website Does Not Translate well onto different screen sizes

On a desktop, you have ample space to show off your style and create large areas of text, big images and more. On a mobile device or tablet, it is important that anyone visiting your website doesn’t have to scroll the height of Mount Everest just to reach their desired information or products. You need to be concise, ensuring that any text is sized to fit and that things are created with the smaller screen in mind. No matter the entry point, users deserve a pleasant, not frustrating, experience where adding to cart, checking out, searching for products and finding information is seamless.

Reason 4: You Can’t Easily Update Information on Your Own Website

If you cannot easily update your website’s content, then it is definitely time to redesign. Being able to provide new content as it becomes necessary is a crucial part of maintaining your website. This is especially true if your website contains contact information, tutorials or products that are limited time only etc. When redesigning your website with content marketing in mind, it is important that you update and refresh any SEO you’ve done to be relevant. Immerse Marketing has a team of dedicated website builders with a true understanding of web design and SEO optimisation. Contact us today to find out all the website services we offer!

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Reason 5: The Numerous Features and Plug-Ins for your Website No Longer Work

You can have a stunning website, but if your plug-ins don’t work then all your design work will have been for nothing. It may seem harsh, but if your customers are going to your website to use a certain feature, or maybe your check out process relies on particular plug-ins, if they are broken then you are going to lose sales. Checking regularly that all aspects of your website are working is a good habit to get into for all website owners.

Reason 6: Your Current Website Doesn’t Accurately Portray your Newest Strategies and Brand Image

Maybe you recently rebranded, maybe you have a new product coming that you really need to showcase, or maybe you’re completely changing your current marketing strategy. No matter which applies to you, if any of the above rings true you need a newly designed website. Customers won’t know about any new products or brand reinventions if you don’t showcase it to them! Again, your website is your online business presence – it needs to be up to date so that everyone around the world knows what you’re doing and wants to get involved.

Redesigning your Website with Immerse Marketing

Immerse Marketing prides themselves on creating websites that produce real results. Together they will work with you to design a website that hooks audiences with a focus on user design.

Visit our website to read more about website redesign with Immerse, or contact us today to get started!

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