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What Does A Web Design Agency Do

What Does A Web Design Agency Do

If you are looking to establish, grow or fine-tune your online presence then a Web Design Agency can help you do just that. If you own a business or organisation or play a pivotal role in creating brand awareness and image for a company, you need to be working with a web design agency. An experienced web design agency will help you develop your website and overall online presence to align with your unique goals.

A web design agency is the first point of call for anyone looking to design and create a website that is easy to use, brand affirming and draws consumers in. To fully understand everything a web design agency does, we have broken it down into why these agencies are so important and the services they provide.

Why are Intuitive, Custom Made Websites so Crucial for your Business?

If you’re looking to boost your online presence and retain more customers, an intentionally designed, considered website will make all the difference. A web design agency has its own powerhouse team of web designers and builders who understand all the important parts of website design and will build your dream website from the ground up. But what exactly makes a custom website so important?

1. Improved User Experience

A well-thought-out website is one with a positive and user-focused design. Potential customers don’t want to be confused, and you may well miss out on sales if your website is difficult to navigate. A professional web design team will ensure that your website provides an intuitive user experience, which in turn leads to easier information consumption, higher retention and more sales.

2. Establish Brand Awareness

Your brand message and vision are an integral part of your image and growth. Creating a sense of brand awareness and recognition rides on being consistent. Working with a design company to choose fonts and imagery that are in line with your brand will help create a cohesive design that immediately showcases your brand voice to website users.

3. Effective SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most important parts of website design. SEO helps push your website to more people and improves your presence online and in web searches. You want your website to be visible to all of your target audiences, including those that are adjacent to what you offer but may not even know they need what you offer.

4. Usability on all Mobile Devices

For an improved mobile user experience, your web design agency will create a mobile-compatible website. This means that your website can be used across a number of mobile devices or devices with non-standard screen sizes. A large number of users browse on their phones – we are all familiar with the before-bed scroll, on-the-bus scroll and in-the-bathroom scroll – so having a website that is compatible is essential.

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What Services Will Your Web Design Agency Provide?

The professional and experienced web developers who work on your website will bring endless necessary skills and knowledge to the table. You need a website that is always easy to use, is in line with your brand voice and has up-to-date information.

There are a number of different design services your agency will provide you with, including:

1. UX Design

UX design, or user experience, is a process where the web designer outlines the user’s journey and maps their clicks to better the navigation and overall usability of your website. The outcome is a website that is easy to use for everyone: from Mum to your bestie to your Granddad who doesn’t even really know how Google works.

2. Front-end and Back-end Development

Front-end and back-end development covers all aspects of web development. Front-end is inclusive of HTML, CSS and JavaScript with a focus on creating and formatting your website to be stylish and functional. Back-end development is all about the server, creating pages and linking them together to support your website functionality.

3. SEO and Website Reporting

A web agency will ensure that your website is created with optimised content. They will also provide reports on user activity and traffic.

4. Website maintenance and updates

If your website has any issues or needs updating, your web agency team will be there to help provide such support quickly and efficiently.

What Does Immerse Marketing’s Web Design team bring to the table?

Immerse Marketing is a Melbourne-based, full-service digital agency with a focus on web design and development. We have a genuine understanding of our client’s goals and pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve and track their multiple goals.

Our web design team will bring their unique expertise to any project. We work with you to provide work to your deadlines, that is of the highest quality and full of personality. Our experienced team has been creating digital content since 2017, and we cannot wait to help your business thrive.

Visit us online to see our portfolio, or contact us directly to get started on your latest website update or project.


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