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What Is Website Maintenance

What Is Website Maintenance

In the modern world of business, your website is your most valuable marketing tool. At a glance, and a click, potential customers and clients can get a feel for who you are, what you offer, your energy, your pricing and more. You have only a valuable few seconds to stand out, and keeping a well-maintained website is an essential part of securing sales. A website is more than just a storefront and a checkout; it is your online voice, the face of your brand and the best way to show everyone who you are.

When you click on a website for the first, second, or twentieth time, you want it to be an enjoyable experience. Easy to navigate, beautiful graphics, fun or interactive elements – all of these things will keep you hooked and encourage sales. If your website is slow, outdated, or hard to use as a result of faulty or outdated code you can lose potential customers before they’ve even truly explored what you have to offer. This is where web maintenance comes in. With website maintenance, you can ensure that all your links take customers to active pages, that your site is always looking fresh and brand-accurate, that FAQs are up to date and that your website works on all number of screen sizes and devices (just to name a few examples).

Curious about why website maintenance is so important? Read on for all the information business owners need to know to make the best decisions about website maintenance.

What Is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance, overall, is the act of maintaining your website and keeping it up-to-date and functional. This is inclusive of completing tasks that ensure your website runs smoothly and quickly, as well as keeping information, hyperlinks and the like up to date.

The main purpose of website maintenance is to keep things running smoothly for you and your customers or clients. Website maintenance ranges from something small like updating plugins to something bigger, like upgrading security measures.

We recommend that you regularly check your website for errors, even as often as once or twice a day, to ensure that no sales are lost as a result of your website becoming unusable or going down.

Website maintenance covers a wide range of website updates and maintenance services. The most important elements to maintain are as follows:

  • Website information, prices of products and contact information
  • Software and plugins
  • Security
  • Links and hyperlinks
  • Device usability
  • Loading speeds

You also want to include regular backups as a part of your website maintenance protocols.

Why Maintaining Your Website Is So Important

Your online customer experience relies solely on their encounter with your website. When you imagine that every single online order comes from someone clicking through your website, selecting their desired products, going through the cart and checking out – you suddenly realise just how many steps need to be completed and how many issues can arise.

Outside of sales, the security of your business and your customers is incredibly important. Ensuring your website’s security is always updated and functional can save you from becoming a target for hackers. Keep nasty villains at bay and keep your mind at peace with regular security maintenance.

High-quality, professional businesses have high-quality, professional websites. Of course, there is room to play with colour, fonts, and design, but at the end of the day, if your website is difficult to use or looks unprofessional, you will turn customers away. First impressions matter.

Show consumers you care by maintaining your website and providing a breezy and enjoyable online experience.

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How Frequently Do I Need To Maintain And Update My Website?

Maintaining your website is like going to the dentist – for some people, this needs to be done much more regularly than others. Don’t worry though, maintaining your website and updating information is much less painful than pulling teeth.

Each business will have different needs, so to answer how often your website needs to be checked for maintenance depends on a number of factors. However, we do recommend that for the every-day things like updating content, checking security and updating links you do so every day, or every other day. Bigger updates and overall website reviews can be performed on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on your needs.

Maintaining your Website with Immerse Marketing

Immerse Marketing are your Australian website maintenance experts. Our team of experienced and professional designers and developers understands how to build and maintain stunning websites. At Immerse Marketing we provide ongoing maintenance and support. Our team of website wizards will work with you to troubleshoot, update and maintain your website so that it is always looking, and working, like new.

Visit our website today to see our portfolio and meet our team. Interested in working with us? Shoot over an enquiry online or via our socials. Let’s make some website magic together!

Start Your Digital Journey Today.

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