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What To Consider When Choosing WordPress Hosting

What To Consider When Choosing WordPress Hosting

So you’ve found yourself with a modern, user friendly and, dare you say it, perfect WordPress website. Now what? You must find somewhere to host your WordPress creation so that users can visit your site, no small task indeed. Most of us will know that no two hosting companies are the same. In a sea of WordPress hosts you need to know what to look for to find the right fit for you and your business. The right WordPress website host will vary depending on the type of business you own, how you run your business and the content you create.

From beginners to WordPress veterans, every single person who creates a website using WordPress needs to find somewhere to host their masterpiece. WordPress software is fantastic for building a website, but without a host your online website journey cannot even begin.

It is easy to get swept up in the excitement of a new website – choosing fonts and colour schemes, planning photo shoots, dreaming up themes and designs. Before you get the ball rolling so fast it can’t stop, you need to choose a host company – a place for your website to live! We have highlighted below the top 8 most important questions for businesses to ask themselves when choosing a host company for their WordPress website. Read on for our handy tips and tricks, or head straight to our website to see how Immerse Marketing creates modern, beautiful websites for all types of businesses!

What is Website Hosting?

When you build a website through WordPress, you need to choose a hosting company to make your website accessible on the internet. Host providers store and manage your website, which you can edit through WordPress at any time. Some hosting companies will optimise their servers for WordPress websites, which improves your sites performance and visibility.

The process of uploading your website to a host provider has generally never been easier, with many hosts offering one-click installation options. Once you’ve chosen your host, using our advice below, you can easily design your WordPress website and have it online in minutes!

Choosing the right hosting provider, and subsequent plan with your chosen provider, is key to the success of your website and business. At Immerse Marketing, we work with businesses to design their dream WordPress websites, as well as manage the hosting and maintenance. Never worry about website upkeep again with the help of the Immerse Marketing team!

8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a WordPress Host

1. What are the possibilities for growth with your chosen host?

When we talk about future growth in regards to websites, we are talking about scalability. Ensuring that your host provider has the capabilities to host your website as it grows and changes is crucial. What might be a small website now, could one day grow into an eCommerce super store. Being able to source more storage as needed will ensure your website never runs slow, and is reliable 24/7.

2. Does the host provider offer fast and reliable performance?

There is nothing worse than the flurry of messages that follow a website outage. The last thing you need is for your website to go offline without any prior notice, as not only is this incredibly stressful it can be costly. If your website is down for an extended period, it may take hours out of your day to fix, and you could potentially be losing out on sales every minute it is unavailable.

We recommend checking out the previous service statuses, uptime and outages of any host provider before committing. This will paint a clear picture on how often outages are happening, how many websites were affected, and how quickly they fixed the issue.

3. How Secure is this host?

The security of your information and your customers’ information is incredibly important. So much so, that choosing a provider who has multiple protection measures in place is non-negotiable. A host company that offers optimised protection for WordPress websites is even better. Ensure that whichever host you choose, they have firewalls and security measures in place to protect against hackers, malware and any other cyber security threats.

4. Does this website host have good customer support and website maintenance?

As you navigate the world of WordPress websites and host providers, you may need to call on your host provider’s customer service team for help. Choosing a host company with reliable customer support will ensure that if you ever encounter an issue, they will be there to help you. Bonus points if there is 24/7 support, and their team is available both online and over the phone depending on your needs at the time.

5. Does this host offer configurations specifically for WordPress sites?

At Immerse Marketing, we understand how little free time business owners have. Choosing a website host that offers WordPress optimisation will, without a doubt, save you precious time. A host provider who designs configurations tailored specifically for WordPress websites means easier SEO, smoother connections and less hassle. Often they will implement automatic updates and caching mechanisms for WordPress websites hosted with them as an added benefit.

6. Does the host fit into your budget?

Now more than ever, it is important to weigh up the cost of services, their value and if they are worth it for you. There may be some host providers that offer unbelievably cheap rates, but in those instances you may have to take a more hands on approach to the management and maintenance of your website.

Consider the balance that is right for you, between saving money and saving time.

7. Does the WordPress host have an overall positive reputation, and recent positive reviews?

We are all known to use our phones and do a quick search on ProductReview or Trustpilot before buying those new shoes or that fridge, and this time is no different. The team at Immerse Marketing highly recommend you do your research in as many places as you can, and read up on genuine reviews from users just like you.

The benefit of user reviews is that they allow you to understand how complicated each host provider is to use, if their WordPress optimisation is effective, so on and so forth. A host provider that has multiple positive reviews from all different types of business owners is the golden ticket.

8. Is your host provider good in the case of an emergency?

We all know that accidents happen, and emergencies can occur. In the case where your website goes down for any reason, having back ups allows for quick restoration of your website, alongside any potential data that was lost. Back ups are essential if you ever want to move to a new host provider, need to recover lost content and to keep your website safe from hacks or server failures.

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Our Recommended WordPress Hosts

To help start you on your journey, we have compiled our top 3 recommended WordPress website hosts:

  1. SiteGround
  2. Bluehost
  3. VentraIP

Our highest recommendation, however, goes to working with an agency who will not only host your website, but maintain it as well – all for one combined fee!

Why You Should Build Your WordPress website with Immerse Marketing

No matter where you are in your WordPress journey, the team at Immerse Marketing can elevate your website and bring in more traffic and more customers. Our skilled team of developers and designers work in cohesion to create your dream website. We manage the hosting, security, maintenance and backups – all you need to do is provide the information, and we provide the magic.

If you have a WordPress website ready to go, but would prefer working with a professional team who understand WordPress hosting, then we are more than happy to help! Our talented team has years of SEO experience, and can help push your WordPress website to more people than ever before.

Immerse Marketing is a Melbourne based, Australian digital agency who understands the ins and outs of WordPress hosting. From designing your WordPress website, to that first sale, and beyond, you need Immerse Marketing in your corner.

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