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What To Know Before Hiring WordPress Developers

December 20, 2023
What To Know Before Hiring WordPress Developers

The website for your business is more than just a vessel of information; it’s the first point of contact users interact with and is representative of your brand voice and the services you provide. Therefore, it is crucial that you create a website that hooks in customers and clients, is easy to use, and is a true reflection of your brand’s values and products. WordPress is a largely popular CMS that businesses use to build their eCommerce websites. WordPress developers should have a large focus on web fundamentals, including knowledge of accessibility best practises, responsive design, and knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With so many functionalities available through WordPress, the best way to make the most out of it is with a qualified and experienced WordPress developer.

Finding a suitable developer for your needs sounds tricky, but by following a few simple guidelines, the process is made easy. Together, we will break down everything you need to know before hiring your own WordPress developers to ensure your website is built to its best functionality.

The Essential Skills Every WordPress Developer Needs to Know

There are several things that every successful WordPress developer must learn. These essential skills, combined with their experience, are what make good WordPress developers so essential. A confident WordPress designer will be proficient in several programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. Being able to write, read, and understand code is the foundation of any WordPress developer’s skill set. When asking any potential WordPress designers what their experience is, be sure to ask them about the coding languages they use and allow them to show examples of each one. The WordPress developers at Immerse Marketing are experienced in all areas of programming, from the back end to the front end.

Another essential skill every WordPress developer needs is the ability to start a website from scratch. There are several plugins and themes available to start, but a good WordPress web designer will be able to take these and transform your website into something unique and personalised for your specific business needs.

The Essential Skills Every WordPress Developer Needs to Know

Does your WordPress developer understand how to maximise SEO?

Do they design your website with the consumer in mind? If you are creating your website for your business, then it is so important for your developer to create it with this in mind. This means they understand the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) and use this knowledge to implement relevant indexing, meta tags, and more. There is an endless pool of websites fighting for attention, and well-thought-out SEO practises help shine a light on your website and products.

How experienced is your WordPress developer in mobile development?

With so many people now using their phones to browse the web as regularly as a laptop or computer, being able to design your website to maximise accessibility is a key skill to have.

Another important thing to keep in mind when looking for a WordPress web developer is their mindset. A positive mindset and willingness to learn will go a long way as you work together to build the ultimate website.

Our Top Tips in Choosing your WordPress Web Developers

  1. Review their Portfolio of Existing Work

A fantastic way to get insight into the quality and style of work a WordPress web developer can do is by reviewing their portfolio. A portfolio is also a great way to see if the developer has experience executing a particular plug-in or complicated design element you want for your website.

  1. Evaluate Their Knowledge of the Above Points

Now that you know the essential knowledge all professional and experienced WordPress developers should possess, you can ask all the right questions and properly evaluate potential developers’ knowledge. How confident do you feel they are in answering your questions? Be sure to refer back to this article for pointers.

  1. Establish your Budget

Establish your budget before going into any meetings or consultations, and be clear about it with potential WordPress development companies. This allows you both to work to the budget and ensure necessary services are provided while remaining within any budget constraints you may have.

  1. Investigate Client Reviews and Testimonials

Visit any potential WordPress developer’s website or social media and check out their reviews and testimonials. This is the best way to get unfiltered feedback from clients who have worked directly with your WordPress web designer and their company.

Choosing a WordPress Developer that Aligns with Your Business Goals

To summarise, the right WordPress developer for your company will be proficient in programming, have an understanding of business and marketing practises, and will prioritise the user experience with building a website that aligns with your brand. At Immerse Marketing, our talented team of WordPress developers works closely with you throughout the lifetime of your website, from creation through maintenance and updates. Our team is made up of several experienced communications and marketing staff who ensure your website is designed and built with both UI and SEO in mind.

Contact us today to find out all the ways our WordPress developers can make your website dreams a reality.

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