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What To Look For In Quality Education Website Design

What To Look For In Education Website Design

When developing a website for an organisation within the education industry, there are important factors you have to consider. Your website will be used by students, educators and staff; and will need to meet the needs for all of these groups. The audience for education websites is unique and diverse, and the content within has to be accessible, easy to find and straightforward.

If you are in the process of building your own education website, planning on updating or upgrading your existing website, or simply wanting to do some research on all things education websites, let us help. Our comprehensive guide breaks down everything and anything to ensure that your education website is designed and built with accessibility and UI in mind.

How to Stand Out with your Education Website Design

You want your educational organisation to stand out amongst the crowd, and there are a number of incredibly effective ways to achieve this.

Firstly, you need to have a very clear brand voice and identity. Using your voice and overall organisational design, you can create a memorable website and messaging that will stick with any potential students.

Secondly, you can stand out by creating unique and eye-catching visual elements and compelling features. If you are able to create a hook as soon as they click onto your site, it will help with retention and allow you to showcase all the courses and qualifications on offer.

Thirdly, offering different pages for students, staff and parents. Not all information is catered to each group, and by clearly separating content, you can help all users find what they need quickly.

And lastly, don’t forget to showcase student success stories. Highlight these towards the top of your page – your website development team can work with you to create an innovative function that shows all facets of the student experience. If you’re looking for a professional, SEO focused, user-friendly website, then look no further than Immerse Marketing. Our team of experienced website developers are ready to build your education website with a focus on creating customised elements and solutions to suit your students and their unique needs. Contact us today to get started!

The Most Important Elements in Education Website Development

The process of website development includes prioritising the elements that are important for your website and integrating them together in a way that is clear, concise and effective. The most crucial parts of your website should include:

Relevant, Well Organised Content

Organise your content with your user in mind. Consider what is most important to them, information such as qualifications and available courses, and make such information available on your homepage or towards the top of your navigation or menu bar.

Mobile Friendly Design that is Accessible for All Students

No matter who is using your website, you want it to be a positive, seamless experience. It is the goal of all educational organisations to ensure that every student has the same ability to access information, learn and grow. From creating a website that is usable on all screen sizes to adding features with accessibility in mind, ensure that all your students receive the support they need with intentional, accessible website design.

Scalability and Maintenance 

From cyber security threats through to general maintenance and back ups, it is crucial to ensure your website can be easily updated, maintained and kept secure. Having the ability to add more pages or content as needed will make your life much easier as your educational institution grows.

The Key Elements of Good Education Website Design

Like a good puzzle, education websites are made up of many intentional, well-designed pieces. You want your website to ensure that all the needs of your students are met, and that includes those with disabilities or other needs. A good website is a combination of its functionality and its design, and a beautiful website that showcases your information in a clear way is the holy grail you need.

Here is a breakdown of the key elements your education website will need:

User-focused, Inclusive Design

Your website’s overall goal is to attract potential students and offer information and support to current students, staff and teachers. Designing your website with the user experience at the forefront of your mind will ensure a positive experience for all. Ensuring that your navigation system is intuitive and easy to use is a main factor in overall usability. Add clear links, and make sure all the important information is only a few clicks away.

Clear Navigation, Categories and Intuitive Search Function

There is almost nothing worse than a search bar that never generates the result you want. Your navigation and search bar are instrumental in creating a professional, inclusive design that keeps students coming back.

Easily Accessible Information on Qualifications, Courses and Their Job Pathways

Your institution is a source of knowledge for many. Make it as easy as possible to find out all the courses on offer, as well as learning pathways and potential job outcomes. By showing your students the courses and support on offer, you build trust and foster positive relationships.

Clean and Crisp Visual Website Design

Communicate the mission and goals of your organisation efficiently through your design and create a website people love to use. Avoid overwhelming your audience with clashing colours, flashing imagery or anything that is not calming or reflective of your brand or mission. Showcase the colours of your organisation and compliment a modern, clean design to allow the content of your website to really shine.

Responsive and Interactive Elements

Using an educational website can be fun! By adding interactive elements, you can provide even more information to your audience. Potential students could benefit from a pop-up that suggests courses based on their interests. The potential interactive elements are limitless. Create memories and be a positive part of a student’s journey with responsive elements and interactive features.

Effective and thoughtful SEO

Creating content that is optimised for search engines is incredibly important in the world of website building. Establishing from day one the audiences you want to target and the searches you want to hit will help your website developers create the foundations and write descriptions catered specifically for SEO.

A High Importance on Security and Information Safety

Your website hosts a myriad of incredibly important data. Your students’ data is stored on your website, from personal information to financial data. Beyond this, your website is home to staff data and intellectual property information for your organisation itself. Security should be a pillar of everything you do when it comes to website design and development. Protect the data entrusted to your educational institution with impenetrable walls built by website developers like those at Immerse Marketing.

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Easy access to the Learning Management System of choice / integration between the LMS and the website

Integration between your website and your chosen Learning Management System (LMS) will ensure you can reap all the benefits your LMS offers.

Build an Industry Leading Education Website with Immerse Marketing

At Immerse, we are experts at crafting unique website solutions to help educational organisations attract potential students, create a positive, user-friendly experience and ensure that all students are able to reach their personal education goals. Our digital solutions are designed around the student experience, and we offer all the above services to make your education website the best of them all.

Our wide range of experience allows us to build websites from the ground up, with each and every step focusing on your institution’s mission, design and educational goals. Creating or updating your website has never been easier.

Reach out today and start working on your new education website tomorrow!

Start Your Digital Journey Today.

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