Email Marketing That Engages

It’s a fine art to drive revenue through email. That’s where Immerse Marketing come in. Our tailored Email Direct Marketing (EDM) services will help you connect with your audience and convert them into loyal customers.


Discover the alchemy of personalised email campaigns with our eCommerce EDM package. Our expertly crafted email campaigns will take your community on a journey, building relationships which produce results.


Welcome new subscribers with exclusive discounts, recover lost sales through abandon cart sequences, alert customers about back-in-stock items, reignite interest with browse abandonment emails, and nurture customer relationships with post-purchase education


Witness the transformative impact of email marketing on customer engagement and conversions.

How We Can Help

Unlock the True Power of Email

Immerse Marketing is your partner in cultivating impactful email marketing that drives results and takes your business to new heights. Our tailored packages make email campaigns into an artform that will hook your audience.


We create visually stunning and customised emails that are strategically segmented to your recipients for maximum impact. With one round of changes, we refine your email’s magic, while our comprehensive reporting reveals the secrets behind your campaign’s success.


We can work with your current systems or set you up with Mailchimp or Drip accounts that seamlessly integrate with your website.

What Do Our Email Marketing Services Include?

Let us elevate your email marketing game and provide the tools to captivate your audience’s inbox with lasting impact. Choose a package that’s right for you:
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eCommerce EDM Package

Harness the power of Email Direct Marketing (EDM) and let us elevate your eCommerce business. With our expertly crafted campaigns, you’ll connect with your audience, recover lost sales, and nurture long-lasting customer relationships. Get ready to witness the impact of strategic email marketing on your bottom line.

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EDM Campaign Package

Make an email entrance. Our Email Direct Marketing (EDM) Campaign Package is the perfect recipe to get your noticed.

We will create a series of visually stunning emails that are fully customised to your audience with strategic audience segmentation. Reach the right people – at the right time.

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EDM Nurture Campaign Package

Build lasting customer relationships with our EDM Nurture Campaign Package. Our cleverly crafted series of emails will guide your audience on a gentle journey tailored to their unique needs and objectives. Get ready to watch your business bloom as we cultivate meaningful connections with your audience, one email at a time.

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EDM Account Set Up Package

Starting from scratch? Let’s get you set up. We’ll create your roadmap to success, with tailored recommendations for ongoing email nurtures that align with your business objectives.

It’s time to unlock the potential of your email marketing and watch your business soar. 

We do brilliant things for businesses
we love - and we know we’d love you too.

We do brilliant things for businesses we love - and we know we’d love you too.

Get in touch with us for a no obligation quote for your digital marketing requirements.

Our Immersive Approach

Precision and personalisation are the calling cards of an Immerse Marketing email campaign, connecting you to your audience on a deeper level and creating real impact for your business.


Here’s how we do it.

Strategic Planning


We start by building a deep understanding of your business objectives and target audience. This forms the foundation for crafting tailored EDM strategies that resonate with your customers’ preferences and needs.

Personalised Campaigns


We believe in the strength of personalisation. By analysing your audience, our expert team creates cleverly tailored content, from compelling copy to eye-catching visuals, ensuring each email speaks directly to your recipients and addresses their specific interests.

Segmentation Expertise


We use strategic audience segmentation to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. This ensures that your campaigns are highly relevant, boosting engagement and conversions.

Easy Automated Journeys


We design automated email journeys that guide recipients through meaningful interactions with your brand, without you needing to lift a finger. Whether it’s welcoming new subscribers or nurturing leads, our sequences are strategically timed for optimal impact.

Talented Creatives


Our gifted creatives craft visually stunning emails that not only grab attention but also reinforce your brand identity, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

Testing and Optimisation


We can conduct A/B testing to fine-tune campaign elements and determine what resonates best with your audience. This data-driven approach helps optimise performance over time.

Result-driven Reporting


Our comprehensive reports provide valuable insights into campaign performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. This transparency empowers you to make informed decisions for future strategies.

Continuous Improvement


We continuously monitor campaign results and iterate strategies based on data and industry trends. This dynamic approach ensures your EDM campaigns stay fresh and effective.

Custom Solutions


We understand that every business is unique. Our approach is flexible, allowing us to customise EDM strategies that align perfectly with your brand voice and business goals.

Customer-Centric Focus


At the heart of our EDM services is the drive to build meaningful connections with your customers. We prioritise customer engagement, ensuring your emails don’t just promote but genuinely resonate.

Frequently Asked Q's

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Curious about our Email Marketing services? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to shed light on our processes.


From understanding the initial discovery phase to unveiling the final product, we’ve got you.

When done right, EDM is one of the best ways to connect with your audience on a personal level, nurture relationships, and drive conversions through targeted and relevant campaigns.
We’ll advise on content related specifically to your brand and sector. Content can range from promotional offers and product updates to educational content, industry insights and trends, and exclusive rewards to keep your audience engaged.
Metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates are valuable indicators of effectiveness. Comprehensive reports from Immerse Marketing will provide insights into your campaigns’ impact.
Absolutely! EDM campaigns can include strategic sequences aimed at reminding customers about abandoned carts and enticing them to complete their purchases.
It’s all relative. The frequency depends on your audience and content. The team at Immerse Marketing are skilled at finding a balance that keeps your brand visible without overwhelming recipients.
Yes, we’ll help you ‘set and forget’. We will create automated email sequences that guide customers through various stages, from welcome emails to post-purchase nurturing, saving you time and effort.
We adhere strictly to data protection regulations and best practices, ensuring customer data is secure and used only for intended purposes.
For sure – we can create special campaigns for events, holidays, and promotions, maximising the impact of timely messages on your audience.
Yes, personalised and valuable content in EDM campaigns can enhance customer loyalty by providing ongoing value and nurturing relationships.
Results can vary based on factors like your audience size and engagement levels, but you can start seeing an impact almost immediately to a few days or weeks.
Yes, we can seamlessly integrate EDM platforms with your website and CRM systems, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined customer experience.