Case Study:

Building Excellence With CRE Group’s Website Revamp

The Client:

CRE Group is a leading force in earthworks and material processing, operating across NSW, VIC, and QLD. Specialising in civil construction, bulk earthworks, remediation works, landfill construction, and crushing & screening services, CRE Group has grown significantly from its inception. Focused on hard work, quality, and safety, the company has expanded organically, boasting a highly experienced team and a culture-driven environment. With permanent offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, CRE Group continues to thrive, making a significant impact in the construction industry.

Project Highlights

Strategic Collaboration

Engaged in a collaborative discovery process with CRE Group to align visions and goals for the website redesign.

Innovative Features

Introduced strategic features like Instagram feed integration, Google Maps integration, and a dynamic Projects layout to enhance user engagement.

Identity Fusion

Aligned the website design with CRE Group's established branding, incorporating navy and white colour schemes, text overlays, and high-resolution images for a cohesive visual identity.

Efficient Content Migration

Seamlessly migrated existing content while making targeted edits based on CRE Group's input, ensuring a smooth transition to the updated website.

Immersive Visual Experience

Crafted a visually engaging website with big images, animations, and a video on the home page to create an immersive experience that truly resonates with CRE Group's dynamic identity.

The Challenge:

When CRE Group engaged with us, they sought a revitalisation of their online presence. Desiring a platform that showcased recent large-scale projects and a realignment of their website design, we aimed to provide a comprehensive solution. The challenge lay in creating a website that not only adhered to CRE Group’s established branding but also effectively communicated the depth of their expanded services and the scale of their projects.

The Solution:

Collaborating with CRE Group, we embarked on a journey to redefine their digital footprint. The approach included:

Collaborative Design Process: Engaging in a discovery call, we aligned our visions. Through interactive collaboration and feedback loops, a dynamic design emerged that resonated with CRE Group’s branding.

Strategic Features and Functionality: We implemented clear calls to action, Instagram feed integration, a news page for updates, and Google Maps integration for office locations. These features created an engaging and informative user experience.

Performance and Security Measures: Prioritising security, we ensured secure passwords were in place, and implemented monitoring tools and web application firewalls. Our hosting solutions include 24/7 server monitoring, backups, and SSL to ensure a secure and reliable online environment.

Responsive Design and SEO Optimisation: Rigorous testing for responsiveness across devices ensured a seamless user experience. SEO optimisation, including metadata enhancements and Google Analytics integration, enhanced visibility and accessibility.

The result is a vibrant and user-friendly website that not only aligns with CRE Group’s branding but also encapsulates the essence of their culture, excellence, and commitment to the industry.

We take pride in delivering transformative solutions, and the CRE Group project stands as a testament to this dynamic approach. Explore the enhanced online presence of CRE Group, where culture truly matters.

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