Case Study:

Charting the Course of JSM Group’s Website Revamp

The Client:

JSM Accounting Group, a prominent accounting firm in the greater Brisbane area, has been delivering top-notch taxation and accounting services since 2009. Specialising in individual taxation, business planning, and Self Managed Superfund (SMSF) accounting, they pride themselves on simplifying complex financial processes for their clients.

Project Highlights

Dynamic Rebrand Integration

Successfully incorporated JSM Accounting Group's recent rebrand into the website design, utilising vibrant teal, black, and white colours with engaging animations for a sleek and modern look.

Content Migration and Optimisation

Successfully migrated and revised content from the old website, collaborating with JSM to ensure accuracy and SEO optimization, resulting in engaging, informative, and search engine-friendly copy.

Efficient Content Management

Integrated BOMA for seamless blog posting and for online appointment scheduling, streamlining JSM's content creation process and enhancing user engagement.

Comprehensive User Interaction

Implemented user-friendly features such as complex forms, resource downloads, pricing tables, and Google My Business reviews, enhancing user experience and providing transparent information about JSM's services.

Robust Security and Performance Measures

Ensured the website's security with secure passwords, web application firewalls, and 24/7 server monitoring. Hosting features such as smart WAF, AI Anti-bot, backups, and SSL were implemented to guarantee optimal security and performance.

The Challenge:

When JSM underwent a rebrand, they approached us with the challenge of revamping their outdated website. They sought a design aligned with their new look and a user-friendly experience. Integrations with BOMA and, contact forms, questionnaires, resource downloads, Google My Business reviews, and pricing tables were essential requirements. The site needed to be SEO-optimised and feature badges from relevant industry bodies on all pages.

The Solution:

In addressing JSM’s challenges, we took a dynamic and collaborative approach:

Engaging Design: We embraced JSM’s vibrant rebrand, incorporating teal, black, and white colours with pops of pink. The design is sleek, modern, and features engaging animations throughout the pages.

Functional Integrations: BOMA integration automates blog posting, while allows users to schedule appointments online. The site also showcases Google My Business reviews, ensuring transparency and credibility.

User-Friendly Features: We implemented complex forms, resource downloads, and pricing tables to enhance user interaction. The intuitive navigation ensures a seamless experience, and responsive sizing makes the site accessible on various devices.

Security and Performance: Security measures include secure passwords, web application firewalls, and 24/7 server monitoring. Hosting features smart WAF, AI Anti-bot, backups, and SSL to ensure optimal security and performance.

SEO Optimisation: We optimised page metadata, utilised sitemap.xml, and ensured correct tag usage. The website is mobile-responsive, and Google Analytics is integrated for comprehensive site monitoring.

Content Migration and Creation: Existing content was revised for accuracy and SEO optimisation. The addition of a team showcase page aligns with JSM’s goal of personalising their services.

Quality Assurance: Our development process includes a discovery call, mock up creation, and a beta version for client interaction. Testing across multiple devices ensures a flawless user experience.


JSM Accounting Group now boasts a modern, user-friendly website that aligns seamlessly with their rebrand. The integration of key features, dynamic design elements, and robust security measures ensures a transformative online presence.


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