Case Study:

Click To Cart: Immerse Marketing X Mrs Wans Asian Mart

The Client:

Immerse Marketing sprinkled a touch of digital magic on Mrs. Wan’s Asian Mart, your go-to spot in Cranbourne for all things Asian culinary delight! Established in 2020, this family-owned gem believes food is not just nourishment; it’s a cultural celebration.

With a tech-savvy touch, we smoothly transported Mrs. Wan’s Asian Mart’s online home from Shopify to WordPress. Now, exploring 1000+ tempting products is a delight! Showcasing exciting specials, users can choose from a variety of delivery options, and spice things up with a lively careers page. Immerse Marketing’s dynamic flair has transformed the website into a fun and sophisticated online marketplace, perfectly capturing Mrs. Wan’s dedication to quality, authenticity, and a touch of playfulness.

Project Highlights

The website that we built features the following elements:
Platform migration from Shopify to WordPress
Expansive Product Showcase With Over 1000 Products
Product Specials & Discount Codes
Multiple Delivery And Shipping Options
User-Friendly Product Categories
Aesthetic Harmony And Branding Consistency

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