Case Study:

Crafting Elegance: Immerse Marketing X Sol Vida Jewellery

The Client:

Hailing from Melbourne, this boutique is all about spreading love through quality, timeless bling. Our mission? To whip up a website as unique and elegant as the jewellery they showcase.

Their eCommerce wonderland boasts over 100 dazzling pieces, each a testament to Sol Vida’s passion. From custom attributes for a personalized shopping spree, to multiple shipping options for convenience, and they even joined the Afterpay party to make splurging guilt-free and simple.

Dive into a user-friendly adventure with custom product filters and seamlessly connected newsletter. Sol Vida Jewellery’s brand-new site vividly reflects their worldwide influences, creating an immersive experience that resonates with their passion, style and expertise.

Project Highlights

The website that we built features the following elements:
Afterpay & MailChimp integration
Multiple Shipping Options
Tailored Shopping With Custom Attributes And Filters
Harmonious & Cohesive Brand Image
Captivating Imagery Showcase
FAQ & Sizing Guide

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