Case Study:

From Seed To Site: Our Vibrant Impact For Farm Fresh Fundraising

The Client:

Farm Fresh Fundraising are on a mission to blend the joy of fresh produce with community support. As a startup supporting schools and organizations in Melbourne, they donate a portion of every fruit and vegetable box sale back to the community. Their commitment revolves around fundraising, enjoying fresh produce, and championing local causes.

Project Highlights

Fresh Fundraising Concept

Introduced an innovative online platform for Farm Fresh Fundraising, allowing users to seamlessly order fresh produce while supporting local schools and organizations through a percentage-based donation system.

Bold and Engaging Design

Crafted a visually striking website that mirrors Farm Fresh Fundraising's brand personality with bright colours, cartoon-style images, and engaging videos, creating a fun and interactive user experience.

Robust eCommerce Functionality

Implemented a comprehensive eCommerce system, enabling users to sign up, select their organisation, and easily place orders for fruit and vegetable boxes. The subscription feature and organisation-specific order tracking enhance user convenience.

Integrated Reporting Tools

Developed a reporting system to provide Farm Fresh Fundraising with valuable insights into purchase activity by organisation, facilitating monthly reporting on top-earning organizations and individual member spending.

Comprehensive User Support

Established a user-friendly help desk for submitting issues, ensuring quick resolution of concerns such as replacing faulty produce or updating delivery addresses.

The Challenge:

When Farm Fresh Fundraising embarked on their journey, we faced the challenge of establishing a robust online presence from scratch. With no existing website, we needed a platform that could seamlessly integrate eCommerce, user accounts, reporting, order forms, and a help desk. The website had to embody our brand’s bold and bright personality, engaging users while ensuring a smooth and intuitive navigation experience.

The Solution:

Immerse Marketing took charge of the challenge with our dynamic approach:

Collaborative Design: We kicked off with a discovery call, collaborating closely with Farm Fresh Fundraising to shape the perfect design. Through mock ups and beta versions, we ensured a vibrant and engaging site that aligns with the brand’s essence.

Functionalities Galore: Our team implemented eCommerce features with subscription options, allowing users to effortlessly order and support their chosen organizations. We integrated reporting tools for monthly insights, an order form system for efficient box preparation, and a help desk for user support.

Design Harmony: The website’s design mirrors Farm Fresh Fundraising’s bold and bright branding. Cartoon-style images and engaging videos create a fun and interactive environment for users.

Security Measures: We prioritized security with secure passwords, monitoring for suspicious activity, web application firewalls, and robust hosting solutions, including SSL encryption.

Responsive and SEO-Optimized: The site is optimized for mobile responsiveness, ensuring a seamless experience across devices. Our commitment to SEO includes metadata optimization, sitemap submission, and Google Analytics integration

Comprehensive Testing: Our rigorous testing process, from mock ups to beta versions, ensures the site’s functionality and design meet the client’s expectations.

The result? A thriving online platform that not only meets Farm Fresh Fundraising’s expectations but also aligns with our commitment to dynamic, transformative solutions.

We’re proud to be part of Farm Fresh Fundraising’s journey, combining fresh produce with community support on their vibrant new website.


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