Case Study:

Mulgrave Motel’s Journey To A Vibrant Web Presence

The Client:

Mulgrave Motel, located in Mulgrave, VIC, is a 3-star accommodation provider committed to offering a welcoming and comfortable retreat for guests. With a strategic location away from the main road, the motel provides a peaceful environment, emphasizing a pleasant and memorable stay for visitors.

Project Highlights

Strategic Redesign

Collaborative discovery call and tailored forms guided the creation of a visually captivating site, aligning with Mulgrave Motel's rebranding and renovation.

Comprehensive Integration

Seamless incorporation of Google My Business reviews, online booking system, and Google Maps enhanced user experience and showcased the motel's offerings effortlessly.

Security and Performance Excellence

Our robust security measures, including secure passwords, plugins, and hosting features, ensured a secure environment. Performance optimisation with image compression and caching enhanced site speed.

Brand-Centric Design

We utilised Mulgrave Motel's branding colours, professional high-resolution images, and incorporated sleek animations to create a clean, vibrant, and user-friendly design that reflects their identity.

User-Focused Experience

Responsive design elements, combined with comprehensive SEO strategies, provided a seamless and optimised experience across devices, meeting the client's expectations and business goals.

The Challenge:

The Mulgrave Motel faced the challenge of aligning its online presence with a recent renovation and rebranding initiative. Their existing website was outdated, filled with broken links, and failed to reflect the new branding or showcase the newly renovated rooms.

Technical constraints included the need for a modern, user-friendly design, SEO optimisation to surpass local competition, mobile responsiveness, and integration with the online booking system. Mulgrave Motel also sought a solution that allowed for easy in-house content updates, showcased Google My Business reviews, and ensure high levels of performance, security, and compliance.

The Solution:

In line with our dynamic approach, we initiated a discovery call with Mulgrave Motel, ensuring a perfect fit for collaboration. Forms and client collaboration laid the groundwork for a mock up, leading to an interactive beta version for client feedback.


Key Features and Functionalities

  • Sliding hero banners for visual appeal
  • Integration with Google My Business reviews with automatic updates
  • Seamless integration with the online booking system
  • Custom post types for showcasing room details
  • Responsive design with a clean and vibrant aesthetic


Security and Performance Assurance: We ensured the site met high-security standards, utilising secure passwords, security plugins, web application firewalls, and robust hosting features. Performance optimisation included image and file optimisation, caching, HTTPS enforcement, and Google Analytics integration.


Brand-Centric Design: The site’s design embraced Mulgrave Motel’s navy, aqua, and white branding colours, incorporating professional, high-resolution images and animations for an engaging user experience.


Content Creation and Migration: Our copywriting team developed SEO-optimised, engaging content through customised onboarding forms, showcasing the motel’s unique offerings.


Technological Integration: The site leveraged WordPress, integrating seamlessly with Google Maps, Google My Business, and the online booking system RMS Cloud.


Mobile Responsiveness and SEO Optimisation: Responsive design elements ensured mobile optimisation, while SEO strategies focused on metadata, sitemap submission, correct tag usage, and Google Analytics setup.


Testing and Quality Assurance: Immerse Marketing employed a thorough roadmap, starting with a website brief and progressing through mock ups and beta builds. Multiple-device testing and responsive sizing ensured a flawless final product.


Client Satisfaction and Business Goals: Mulgrave Motel is delighted with the design and launch of the site, meeting their expectations and business goals. The revamped online presence now effectively communicates their brand identity, inspires trust, and encourages online bookings, setting them apart in a competitive market.

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