Case Study:

Vintage Vibes, Modern Revival: Website Redesign For Antique Bar

The Client:

Antique Bar, located in the heart of Melbourne’s South, seamlessly blends vintage charm with unconventional charisma. As a celebrated local bar and restaurant, Antique Bar takes pride in offering a warm, professional atmosphere, specialising in whisky and cocktails, inviting patrons to experience an exceptional and unforgettable journey.

Project Highlights

Collaborative Discovery

Initiated the project with a comprehensive discovery call, encouraging collaboration on the project

Dynamic Redesign

Implemented a dynamic website redesign, seamlessly incorporating Now Book It, Deliveroo, and Gift Vouchers to enhance Antique Bar's online presence.

User-Centric Experience

Crafted a visually captivating and intuitive user experience, highlighting Antique Bar's unique offerings, including function spaces, through engaging design elements and functionalities.

Security and Performance Excellence

Ensured robust security measures, including secure passwords, monitoring plugins, and web application firewalls, coupled with responsive design and SEO optimisation for optimal performance.

Empowering Independence

Provided a 30-day support period post-launch, empowering Antique Bar to manage their site independently, reflecting our commitment to client autonomy and ongoing success.

The Challenge:

Antique Bar faced a challenge with an outdated website that no longer aligned with their evolving branding. Additionally, they sought a renewed focus on promoting their function spaces, requiring a website overhaul

The Solution:

Our strategy to address Antique Bar’s challenges involved the following key solutions:


  • Integration with Now Book It for seamless bookings and convenient gift voucher purchases
  • Downloadable menus for easy viewing, as well as pages with written menus for SEO
  • Floating booking button for quick reservations
  • Multiple contact forms catering to diverse enquiries
  • Image galleries showcasing Antique Bar’s unique atmosphere
  • Newsletter sign-up integration for regular updates
  • Engaging blog to feature upcoming events and news


Design Elements and Themes: We crafted a clean, modern, and elegant design, incorporating professional blocky images aligned with Antique Bar’s branding guide. The site’s elements are thoughtfully spaced, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Animation elements were strategically placed for engagement without overwhelming the design.


Performance and Security Assurance: We prioritise security and performance with all our website builds. Robust measures, including secure passwords, monitoring plugins, and web application firewalls, were implemented. The hosting platform featured smart WAF, AI Anti-bot, 24/7 monitoring, backups, WordPress security, and SSL.


Customisations and Integrations: The website seamlessly integrated with Now Book It, Deliveroo, and Gift Vouchers. We designed and developed blog posts to announce events, prominently featuring regular events on the home page.


Technology and Platforms: The website was built on WordPress, with integrations including Now Book It and Deliveroo.


Mobile-Responsiveness and SEO Optimisation: Responsive sizing ensured the website’s adaptability across devices. SEO optimisation, encompassing meta data, sitemap.xml, and proper tag usage, was integral to the build.

Testing and Quality Assurance: Immerse Marketing’s iterative approach involved a thorough testing process, starting with a website brief, progressing to a mock up, and culminating in a beta build. Client feedback and device testing ensured a polished final product.

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